7 Principles of Pursuing Significant Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

  • What "Significant Personal Injury" really Means
  • How to Make your Doctor your Advocate
  • How Insurance Companies Minimize Claim Values
  • How an Experienced Attorney Adds Value to your Claim
  • Wrongful Death Claims Explained

In 7 Principles of Pursuing Significant Injury And Wrongful Death Claims, Attorneys D. Seth Holliday and Barton C. Solomon explain what to do if you’ve suffered a severe injury or lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence so that you get the compensation you deserve for having your life forever changed. Seth and Bart spell out what it means to have a significant or severe injury that permanently disrupts your ability to complete normal activities of daily living, work in the career of your choice, or enjoy your selected leisure activities. They tell you what to expect when you have suffered an extraordinary trauma and talk about resources that will help you cope during a time of crisis. Seth and Bart explain the essentials in developing a compelling and powerful story about your pain and suffering that will show an insurance company the profound impact your injury has had on your life. They then give you a road map for success for getting the money you deserve. For example, Seth and Bart show you how to talk to your doctors so that important details about your pain and suffering make it into the medical records. They spell out how to make your doctor an advocate for your claim so that the insurance company knows you mean business. However, Seth and Bart caution you to expect that an insurance company will minimize your injury and always put its own profits over the people its insured has injured. Finally, Seth and Bart tell you how and why seasoned attorneys can dramatically increase the value of your case. So, if your life has been devastated by a severe injury or death of a loved one, read Seth and Bart’s book and give them a call.